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Brookwood Upstander

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Our UPSTANDER initiative is student-centered in the creation and implementation of the program. Students started with dictionary definitions of four core pillars of character and refined and personalized them. They took surveys, attended events and held grade-level competitions. They donned UPSTANDER wristbands and earned recognition for upstanding behavior
exhibited at school. Since then, UPSTANDER campaigns have entered the national scene in the news, on Starbucks cups, as the focus of the dean of Harvard Law School’s commencement speech, and in the National School Climate Center’s anti-bullying campaign.

The UPSTANDER initiative at Brookwood High School began in 2013 as a way to promote character and integrity through four core pillars that form the acronym C.A.R.E.:


Being a productive Brookwood student by meeting the expectations
and characteristics of a responsible member of our community.

Standing up for myself and others at and around my school. 

Acting in a way that shows my consideration for others in my community.

Involving myself in activities in and around the Brookwood community.