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Dual Enrollment/MOWR


For students interested in taking courses at Maxwell High School of Technology or the Grayson Technical Education Program at Grayson High School for the 2019-20 school year, see the flyers featured on this page or click the links.



Move On When Ready (MOWR) is a dual enrollment opportunity for students to attend a post-secondary institution full-time or part-time during their junior and/or senior year of high school. Students who participate in MOWR will receive high school credit and college credit simultaneously while attending college classes on the college campus. 


Students who are planning to register for dual enrollment/MOWR in the summer or fall of 2016 should be making plans to take the ACT or SAT in preparation for the colleges' admissions requirements and deadline. Scores may take about a month to acquire.  When signing up to take the test, students must include the college they wish to attend for the program so that the scores are sent directly to the school. Following is a link to review a list of colleges and their requirements, including scores and application deadlines:


For more information about Brookwood's Dual Enrollment and MOWR programs, contact the Brookwood Counseling Office at (678) 344-2603 and visit its website,