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Academic Requirements » Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Course Requirements

 The requirements below apply to students entering 9th grade in August 1997 and after.

Graduation Diploma 

CPC = College Prep Curriculum = General Diploma


Promotion Requirements

Graduation Requirements 23 units (one class / semester = ½ unit)

Promotion Requirements for students entering 9th grade 2005 and before

to 10th – 5 units
to 11th – 11 units
to 12th – 17 units

Graduation Requirements for students entering Fall 2008 and beyond

Subject Requirements 

Language Arts    4 units including 1 unit of 9th grade Language Arts, and 1 unit of American lit. (11th grade)

Math 4 units including the equivalent of  Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and fourth math

Science 4 units including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and science elective

Social Studies 3 units including 1 unit World History, 1 unit U.S. History, .5 units Political systems and .5 units Economics

Health & Physical Education 1 unit  including .5 units Lifetime Fitness and .5 units of Health (or 3 units JROTC)

Modern/Classical Language, Language, Fine Arts, Technical Education  *  3 units (any combination) 
*Required for university admissions in the state of Georgia, 2 units of the same modern/classical language

Electives 4 units any


23 units (as denoted above) including all portions of the GATEWAY 

Milestone Tests (formerly known as End-of-Course Tests) 
Required in the following subjects during the second semester:
Freshman (9th grade) Language Arts
Junior (11th grade/American literature) Language Arts
Algebra I
U.S. History
Physical Science