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Newspaper, Broadcasting, Magazine, Yearbook » Newspaper: The Sentinel (Sponsor: Ms. Valentine)

Newspaper: The Sentinel (Sponsor: Ms. Valentine)

Brookwood's Student Newspaper
Print and now in online editions

About the Class
This class meets daily during 7th period, in E-9. This class is by application only.  Students who are interested in the newspaper class are encouraged to pick up an application in January, at least four (4) weeks prior to registration. All newspaper candidates are selected based on classroom performance, teacher recommendations, application, writing skills, and grades.

Advertising in The Sentinel
Our paper is produced/ printed through the money brought in from our patrons and advertisers. If you are interested in placing an ad in our newspaper, or supporting us as a patron, please fill out our ad contract and mail it to us with your payment. (You may also drop it off to the front office.)

Contacting The Sentinel staff:

Office Phone: 770-736-2191
Advisor EmailRobin Valentine